Bload band RF amplifier siries

RAD’s bload band amplifier are designed with a compact, durable and high power concept.
These Amplifier is New type power amplifiers for RF labolatries and EMC testing user, and all power amplifier products are designed and manufactured in- ourselves.
RAD's technology rethinks traditional amplifiers from the ground up, proposing a model that combines safety, durability, and the reliability, performance, and stability needed for amplifiers that operate under harsh conditions.

All of our products use the all solid state method, which is maintenance-free and can be used for a long period of time, compared to Traveling Wave Tube.
In addition, he class A / AB operation provides excellent linearity, low distortion and high stability over a wide band, and is a highly durable power amplifier under all load conditions.

All of our amplifiers are air-cooled. High efficiency cooling is possible by a straight air cooling design with front intake and rear exhaust.
Continuous operation with full power is possible despite its compact design.


An amplifier with a frequency of 10 kHz to 6 GHz and an output of 10 W to 10 kW is provided as standard, and can amplify signals such as CW / AM / FM / pulse / SSB.
In addition, by combining with the lineup of RF switches, multiple amplifiers can be controlled, and an amplifier system with a wider bandwidth that cannot be covered by a single amplifier can be constructed.
This amplifier system can be used in various applications such as EMS test, various evaluation tests, ISM band (industrial / scientific / medical) such as plasma, accelerator, communication and broadcasting facilities.


It is also possible to respond to customization for completely in-house design and manufacture.
Power amplifiers that meet customer specifications, such as desired frequency / output power and multi-channel amplifiers, can be flexibly supported as standard products.
Also, depending on the required specifications, such as when the band used is narrower than the standard product, it is possible to respond at a lower price than the standard product.


Standard lineup of unit type amplifiers from 10kHz to 6GHz / 10W to 10kW

All models are equipped with a TFT display as standard, allowing you to check internal temperature and other conditions

Multi-octave system construction is easy with integrated amplifier control using 2 to 6-RF selecto

Compact design due to power saving, high output, low power consumption and low weight

All are designed and manufactured in-house, so even in the event of a failure, recovery is possible in a short period of time

Stable output even under unstable load condition by design with margin

EIA 19 inch unit type common design allows easy storage in 19 inch system rack

Both rack mount type and bench top type are available by removing the mounting bracket

Completely developed in-house, allowing flexible customization according to desired specifications

Depending on the custom specification you request, we can offer a lower price than the standard product specifications

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